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We are a family owned fishing and adventure lodge located in Chapleau, Ontario and have been in the hospitality and fishing business since 1957. Our guests have described the cottages as an Oasis of Luxury in Ontario's Northern Wilderness. We have put all our money back into the lodge and now offer our guests outstanding accommodations that are totally unexpected in such a remote northern region. We are only four hours from the Michigan border.

We offer a bountiful diversity of fishing opportunities for Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Brook Trout, Whitefish and Perch.

SPRING BEAR HUNT IS ON: Our spring bear hunt is booked for 2018. We are taking reservation for 2019.

Fishing at the Lodge:
The lodge is located on McLennan Lake where the dominant species is Walleye. Walleye fishing on our lake is good with Walleyes being common in the 1 to 3 pound range. Larger Walleyes in the 4 to 6 pound range also get caught but they are not as frequent. You can also catch Northern Pike and spring Whitefish fishing. It's all the other great fishing lakes in the area that has blessed us with an 85% customer return rate.

Backcountry Trophy Lakes & Streams:
Within 10 to 60 minutes from the lodge are dozens of spectacular fishing lakes. Most of the lakes have no camps or cottages and on a lot of the lakes, you will be the only party fishing. We can have boat cashes on these lakes but instead of leaving boats in the bush to get dirty or stolen, we keep boats on trailers ready to be towed. You will need a trailer hitch and 2-inch ball or bring your own boat.

These back country lakes many times have produced 100 Walleyes per day with exceptional size trophies in the 10-pound range and sometimes bigger. In these lakes Walleyes are common in the 1 to 4-pound range with a few 5 to 7-pounders thrown in.

Northern Pike:
The bigger lakes have been producing Northern Pike over 20 pounds and due to catch-&-release practices the availability of trophy Northern Pike increases every year. For guests who like to eat Northern Pike there are hoards of them in the 2 to 6-pound range.

Smallmouth Bass:
A few of the lakes produce unbelievable Smallmouth Bass fishing. Smallmouth Bass are common in the 1-3 pound range but guests enjoy catching many in the 4 to 5-pound range and occasionally a 6-pounder. Guests have reported finding spots where they catch bass after bass all afternoon.

Brook Trout:
We also have cold spring-fed lakes with Brook Trout. Most Brook Trout you catch are in the 1 to 3-pound range but guests often catch beautiful big Brook Trout in the 4 and 5-pound range. We have a couple of streams in the area as well that produce high numbers of good eating pan fryers in the 8 to 16-inch range with the occasional big one over 20 inches.

We offer four large housekeeping lakefront cottages that sleep up to ten people. Each cottage has one or two bathrooms, up to four bedrooms, front deck and big windows with a beautiful view of the lake. The interiors feature hardwood floors, tongue & grove pine on the walls and ceiling, comfortable furniture and beds, fully equipped kitchen with all appliances, WIFI Internet and Satellite flat-screen televisions. We also have three clean and comfortable motel units on the water's edge.

Fun Summer & Winter Activities:
In the summer there are activities for the whole family to enjoy such as swimming, hiking, off-road cycling, ATVing, wildlife photography, canoeing, Blueberry picking and bird watching. In the winter we have snowmobile trails, ice fishing, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. There are also drive-to attractions and activities in the area and in the town of Chapleau.

In the spring we offer packages for Black Bear Hunting. Black Bears in the 150 to 300 pound range are common with the occasional 400 pounder. We are right next to the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve thus enjoying the highest population of Black Bears in the world. Resident Moose hunters with adult tags for WMU 31, 32, 35 and 38 are welcome to rent a cottage. The fall is also fantastic in the area for Grouse hunting. The woods in the area are just stuffed with Ruffed Grouse and Spruce Grouse.

Please explore our website and have fun. Feel free at any time to call or email with questions.

Best Regards
Doug & Roxann Lynn

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