Please click the links below to view maps of some of the bigger lakes in the Moose Horn Lodge area. We also have a map of the roads around Moose Horn Lodge or you can get long distance driving directions at MapQuest

Wondering what a Splake is? A splake is a cross between a Brook Trout and a Lake Trout. You will see it listed on the McLennan Lake map . They are a beautiful fish and very tasty.

Antler and Little Antler Lake - 29K

Borden Lake - 33K

McLennan Lake and area - 50K

Nagasin and Sideburned Lake - 68K

Nemegos Lake - 38K

Pineal and Sheppard Lake - 45K

Prairie Bee and Lower Prairie Bee Lake - 58K

Puswawa Lake - 58K

Sample and Tenor Lake - 25K

Windermere Lake - 58K

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From Sault Ste. Marie, take Highway 17 North to Wawa, then Highway 101 East to Chapleau. When you arrive at the Chapleau turnoff, bypass for 400 feet and turn right on Sheppard and Morse Road, or from Sault Ste. Marie, take Highway 17 East to Thessalon, then Highway 129 North, drive approximately 135 miles and turn left on Sheppard and Morse Road. This will bring you directly to the lodge.

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